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SMS Calls

How to Set Up a Call With World Callback Card Using SMS

Please follow these steps:

1. Create a new Text message. The recipient of SMS message should be +447786208208 or 011447786208208
calling card world callback

The body of the text message should be formatted as follows:
Example: BCC 123456789 (no dashes or spaces inside PIN)

15 seconds after the message is sent a call will come back to the mobile phone 15that sent the message.

2. You will be prompted to enter the number you wish to dial. The destination number must be entered as if the call was originating from the US.

  • For US destination enter 1(area code)(number)
Example: for NY destination number enter 12125551234
  • Other countries 011(country code)(city code)(number)
Example: for France destination number enter 0113312345678

The call is then connected to the final destination.

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