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  • Connection Fee
    Our phone cards don't have connection fee!
    Other companies may charge connection fee to phone card's balance every time when the connection is established. Connection fee reduces the advertised number of minutes on the phone card.

  • Maintenance Fee
    This fee may be applied to phone card's balance within 24 hours after the first phone call is made.
    Maintenance fee can be deducted from card's balance every week or every two weeks depending on the card.

  • Rounding
    This is the basic unit for measuring duration of a phone call. Our phone cards are rounded to 1 second, 30 seconds, one, two or three minutes.

    Calculated phone call duration depending on rounding
Duration of a call 1 sec 30 sec 1 min 2 min 3 min
48 sec 48 sec 1 min 1 min 2 min 3 min
1 min 32 sec 1 min 32 sec 2 min 2 min 2 min 3 min
4 min 28 sec 4 min 28 sec 4 min 30 sec 5 min 6 min 6 min
19 min 2 sec 19 min 2 sec 19 min 30 sec 20 min 20 min 21 min

  • Toll Free Access number
    This is a nationwide free of charge access number that You dial to start using a phone card. In the US it is 11 digits phone number beginning with 1-800, 866, 877 or 888.

  • Local Access number
    Some of our phone cards have Local Access numbers in addition to Toll Free Access number.
    Local Access numbers are free of charge only calling from particular areas. These numbers are designed to provide better rates for customers.

  • Tax
    It may be applied to phone card's balance for every phone call. For example, if the rate is 5 c/min and the tax is 10%, $0.55 will be deducted from phone cards balance for 10 minutes call.

  • Public Payphone Charge
    This charge applies to phone card's balance for every call made from a public payphone.
    Payphone - a phone that accepts coins or encoded credit cards.

  • Validity period
    Phone cards expiration period, that begins on the day of the the first phone call. We offer cards with limited expiration period and without expiration date! (at least one refill in 6 month required for unlimited cards)
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